I am a PhD student at the graduate school IGRA (Interaktion grammatischer Bausteine РInteraction of grammatical building

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blocks), University of Leipzig.

My main research interests are in syntax and morphology. More generally, I am interested in Formal Linguistics.

I am currently looking at embedded clauses in the dialects of Southern Italy.

During my first year of PhD, I have worked

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on various topics: allomorphy in Korean (in particular, its locality condition), agreement and verbal number in Mupun (a West-Chadic

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language), Tuscan Raddoppiamento Fonosintattico and Gorgia (in the framework of Gradient Symbolic Representations).

Previously, I was into in Computational Linguistics and Historical Linguistics. My master thesis is developed in the frameworks of Distributed Semantics and Construction Grammar.

Aside linguistics, I am very passionate about literature and I secretly dream about becoming a writer.