• April 2017 – present

PhD, University of Leipzig

Interaktion Grammatische Bausteine (IGRA)

  • December 2013 – April 2016

Master in Linguistics, University of Pisa, Italy

Dissertation (22/04/2016, 110/110 cum Laude): “Story

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of a construction: statistical and distributional analysis of the diachronical development of the Italian gerundival periphrases.”

Supervisor: Alessandro Lenci. Second supervisor: Franco Fanciullo. External expert: Pier Marco Bertinetto.

  • October 2015 – February 2016

Trainership for Master Thesis, Laboratory of Computational Linguistics, University of Pisa, Italy

  • September 2010 – July 2013

Bachelor in Classics, University of Pisa, Italy

Dissertation (07/07/2014, 110/110 cum Laude): “Coseriu’s structural semantics and the semantic field of colours from Latin to Romance languages (especially in Italy).”

Supervisor: Franco Fanciullo.