Upcoming talks


What I have done so far

42th Generative Linguistics in the Old World (GLOW42)

Oslo, 7-11 May 2019

Poster: “Gradient Representations: a new insight into Tuscan Gorgia and Raddoppiamento”


16th Old World Conference on Phonology (OCP16)

Verona, 16-18 January 2019

Talk: “Raddoppiamento and Gorgia: when strength matters”

Here are the slides.


Workshop Multiple Agreement across Domains (MAD 2018)

Berlin, 08-09 November 2018

Talk: “Verbal number is syntactic agreement”


11th Conference on Syntax, Phonology and Language Analysis (SinFonIJA 11)

Kraków, 11-13 October 2018

Talk: “Length as strength: a new account of Raddoppiamento fonosintattico”


North East Linguistic Society 2018 (NELS 49)

Ithaca, 7-9 October 2018

Poster: “Length as strength: a new account of Raddoppiamento Fonosintattico.”

Here is the poster.


LinG1 (Workshop on Agreement and Anaphoricity, satellite event of CGSW33)

Göttingen, 25-26 September 2018

Talk: “Verbal number is syntactic Agreement”

Here is the handout.



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Linguistics Colloquium 2018 (Olinco)

Olomouc, 7-9 June 2018

Poster: “A morphosyntactic account of verbal number in Mupun”

Reward for the best poster of Olinco 2018


Shrinking Trees in Morphology

Leipzig, 27 April 2018

Talk: “Optional Removal in Korean: a new insight on free variation”


ConSOLE 26

London, 14-16 February 2018

Talk: “A morphosyntactic account of verbal number in Mupun”

Poster: “Locality Constraint gives an insight into suppletion” with H. Lee (University of Leipzig)


14th Conference on Typology and Grammar for Young Scholar

Saint Petersburg, 23-25 November 2017

Talk: “Story of a construction: Distributional analysis of meaning and productivity over time”

Talk: “Suppletion under locality constraint: evidence from Korean”  with H. Lee (University of Leipzig)